About the brand

Hey y'all,

My name is Indya Hayes and I am the creator/owner of The Minority Co. This brand is a representation of me and what I stand for, I want better for my people so I'm trying to send a message, create debates and start conversations to make a change in this world through statement jumpers.

I first had the idea to make embroidered jumpers for myself after watching the news about the rioting in America and the death of George Floyd (rest in peace) amongst the other displays of police brutality and racism against black people. Seeing the footage and watching the news had me more shaken and upset than I've ever been so I just knew I had to do something.

I have always had such strong feelings towards the BLM movement and equal rights movement growing up, with an African/American father and an Aboriginal mother how could I not.
But, these recent events sparked something in me, I felt helpless and I felt like nothing was being done to help my people, in America OR Australia.
So, from this I had the idea to make myself some jumpers to spark conversations and questions and to make a statement without even saying anything. I posted on my Instagram with the jumpers and making educational videos everyday and fast forward a week later and I had 50 orders, and now here we are. Thousands of orders later, a website, and a social media platform, I've been fortunate enough to interact and meet so many like minded and strong people that want to help change the world and that's truly a blessing.
I've been so lucky to have so much love and support from friends, family and even people I've never met and that's the most comforting and motivating thing I've ever experienced.
I'm still learning, but this brand is more than nice looking merch, it is supporting a powerful movement and the call to make a much needed and extremely late change in society. We need to ensure that every single life matters, regardless of what minority group/s someone is apart of. I want, I NEED, to be apart of that change.
With these products comes a responsibility, the responsibility to educate yourself and to educate others. When people ask ignorant questions, have that come back, educate them and put them in their place so it creates conversation and debate to spark the change.

Thank you all for wanting to educate yourselves and others. Thank you for supporting my dream. Thank you for being a part of this amazing movement. I'm so excited to see where this all goes.

Lots of love,
Indy xxx